NCEC Boards

The NCEC Governing Board is represented by a School Board member or the designee of a participating school district board.  This board is the voting entity of NCEC which meets to create policy and implement fiscal responsibility.  A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by Governing Board members who represent the member school districts.

The NCEC Executive Board is represented by four Superintendents, one from each north, south, east, and west regions, the NCEC Governing Board Chair, one NCEC Cooperating Party member, and the NCEC fiscal agent.  This board meets to develop administrative services and student services within the cooperative and develops budget proposals.

The NCEC Cooperating Parties consist of educational entities, not school districts, within the region and state who have an interest in supporting the purpose and mission of NCEC.  They serve in an outreach capacity for resources, training, facility usage, and collaboration of educational services in the geographical area.  Members of the NCEC Cooperating Parties are invited to any/all board meetings.  


A list of members of the NCEC Governing Board, Executive Board, and Cooperating Parties can be viewed by clicking on their respective tabs under NCEC Boards on the section/navigation bar.